Artist based in Tokyo.

1966 Born in Hiroshima Learned art by self-education since childhood.
1984 Moved to Tokyo.
1988 At 22, started as an illustrator in a small ad agency.
Created drawings of friends met at nightclubs in weekends while drawing small illustrations for job advertisements.
Brought in Macintosh that some creators had started to use and began to work on graphic designs.
1990 Started to work as a freelance.
Began to do many fliers, posters, live-paintings for friends, and also T-shirts,
record jackets and CD jackets commissioned from independent fashion brands and labels.
1994 First solo exhibition “Ed-ten” at Junzo Sakakura Memorial Gallery.
Presented a CG art using the Bezier curve method.
This led to subsequent “Women with long necks” which are his representative works.
1996 Appointed as an illustrator by French mode magazine “CITIZEN K INTERNATIONAL”.
Since then regularly worked on stories done by illustrations.
This became the beginning of work done outside of Japan.
Had also met a fashion designer ANNA SUI in the same period, and has been designing many T-shirts for the brand since then.
1998 Solo exhibition “COWGIRL 66” at Gallery ROCKET.
1999 Solo exhibition “Millennium LOVER” at Gallery ROCKET.
Full-page ad depicting a woman for the launching of “VOGUE NIPPON (the present VOGUE JAPAN)”
which was simultaneously printed on U.S., French and Italian version of VOGUE.
At the same year, his work was included in “FASHION ILLUSTRATION NOW” written by LAIRD BOLLERI, a fashion history researcher from NY.
This book introduces 30 fashion illustrators from 16 countries who are playing active part globally in a field of the fashion illustration.
It was published in 3 countries including in England by Thames & Hudson.
He also participated in the group exhibition commemorating the publication held at THE MAYER GALLERY in London.
2000 Founded EDITION Inc.
Solo exhibition “FEMME 2000” at FUMIYART Gallery.
T-shirts show done during this exhibition created an opportunity to become a designer of unisex fashion brand “nakEd bunch” from 2001.
This brand introduced 21 collections and became inactive in 2010.
2002 Created Ed TSUWAKI model mannequin at PROPORTION LONDON, a London based mannequin manufacturer
and presented it at exhibition at Dusseldorf.
Mannequin was on sale for a year as a collaboration model.
2003 Introduced a lingerie line “Cosmetic + Ed” for Triumph International Japan Ltd. and remained as a designer for 3 seasons.
2004 Solo exhibition “Merry-go-round” at SHISEIDO LA BEAUTE, Paris.
2006 Solo exhibition “DESSERT HOUSE” exhibiting abstract pictures with a white house as a motif at Fireking café
and Genichiro Inokuma Museum Café-Restrant MIMOCA.
2007 Worked on designs for the jackets of “PENGUIN CAFÉ ORCHESTRA –tribute-“ and “PENGUIN CAFÉ ORCHESTRA –best-“
released from “commmons”, a label founded by RYUICHI SAKAMOTO.
His work was included in “The Age of Feminine Drawing” published from Allrightreserved in Hong Kong.
Restarted live-paintings done by improvisations with musicians and continues to perform energetically up to the present time.
2010 Solo exhibition “CoCo” exhibiting pictures of women's body drawn impromptu with Chinese ink at FOIL Gallery in Tokyo and krank in Fukuoka.
2011 Solo exhibition “MICO” of black-and-white paintings with Chinese ink at Gallery H20 in Kyoto in April
which was right after the Great East Japan earthquake.
Participated in the group exhibition done by FOIL Gallery at Zenkyoan Kenninji Temple in Kyoto
2012 Designed a school badge for KAMEDA COLLEGE OF HEALTH SCIENCES in Kamogawa city, Chiba.
2013 Produced animation for “kizunaworld.org” , a website dedicated to earthquake reconstruction support.
2014 Clothing brand "dosa" based in LA which was celebrating their 30th anniversary released a collection using his artworks
over 2 seasons. These artworks were used for posters for dosa exhibition at Santa Monica Museum of Art.
Also a white-themed collection was sold exclusively at Dover Street Market Ginza.
2015 Took charge of visual design of “Ballet Don Quixote”, directed and choreographed by the world-renowned ballet dancer YASUYUKI SHUTO.
Released e-book version of “100 FACES” through kindle and iBooks that contains 100 drawings of faces.
Solo exhibition “QUAKENESS” of abstract paintings he had created over a year at Post in Tokyo.
Released book of paintings through his own publisher EDITION Inc. by the same name “QUAKENESS” (art direction by YOSHIHISA TANAKA;
texts by HARUOMI HOSONO and HIROSHI KIKUTAKE) to commemorate the occasion.
2016 Completed a painting in public at the content restaurant located inside the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo from January to February.
Also performed a live painting with Buffalo Daughter Improvisation Set at the opening and with YUMIKO OHNO, KEIGO OYAMADA
and ASA-CHANG at the closing of the period.
In March, solo exhibition “Panspermia” with the aforementioned painting and his first porcelain paintings at Fireking Cafe, Tokyo.
In June, solo exhibition “QUAKENESS:REBIRTH” with additional new works at Omotesando ROCKET.
In September, traveling exhibition “QUAKENESS & SILENTNESS” at Colissimo in Tanbasasayama and another traveling exhibition“Panspermia”
at GALLERY DE ROOM 702 in Osaka are planned.

English translated by Taro Tsuji